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How MTSU athletes became the Blue Raiders

MTSU is fast approaching its 100th birthday, and today there are many traditions that we take for granted, but there was a time in the schools history that there was no such thing as a blue raider.

Alumnus Kelly Holcomb is MTSU homecoming grand marshal

The weather this year was perfect for the homecoming game and the parade. Kelly Holcomb, arguably the greatest quarterback ever to don the blue and white, was this years grand marshal. We got a chance to visit with him and his family before the big day, and asked him about his distinguished career in the [...]

MTSU facilities help prevent sexual assault and support to victims

More than 680-thousand women are sexually assaulted in the US each year. Statistics tell us that college women are particularly at risk. We take a look at this crime and whats being done at MTSU to both prevent sexual assault on campus and help those who have been victimized.

New MTSU airplanes equipped with cutting-edge avionics

Aviation has been a part of the MTSU scene for nearly seventy years. The civilian pilot training course began in June 1940. While those student pilots from decades past would probably recognize the basic airframe of todays planes, the avionics found in the newest generation of MTSU planes would probably seem like something from a [...]

MTSU program helps remove lead hazards

MTSU is proud of our many community partnerships. One partnership with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development is literally helping Tennesseans get the lead out.