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$8000 Tax Credit

In this video we cover the Economic Stimulus Package and the new $8000 first time homebuyers tax credit that it puts into place.

Reactions to Budget Cuts

Budget proposal reactions to Middle Tennessee State University’s President Sidney McPhee’s release of updated summary report. McPhee’s four Strategic Work Groups put together the proposal and delivered it to the Steering Committee, who then presented the report to McPhee. Debra Sells, Kaylene Gebert, Steven Chappell, Shawn Jacobs and students comment on the budget proposals and [...]

Stimulus Package

A video blog discussing the proposed $15000 tax credit and its intended effect on the national housing market. Catch this weekly video blog every Tuesday morning at

Real Estate With A Kick

An outtake from Tuesday Morning Coffee with John Jones. A Vlog about real estate and the Murfreesboro TN area in particular. Tune in every Tuesday morning at

Buy or Sell 1st

Is it better to buy your new home before selling you current property or to sell your home before purchasing new real estate.

foreclosure explained

A video explaining the Tennessee foreclosure process.

What Is A Short Sale

A short video describing the short sale process.

Kenyan student says his native country is very proud of the new President

William Songock, a native of Kenya, says his country is extremely proud to claim Barack Obama as one of their own

Three figures broke racial barriers at MTSU

Centennial Countdown celebrates three people who broke the color barrier at MTSU — Olivia Woods, the first full-time black student; Mary Scales, the first full-time black faculty member and Dr. James E. Walker, the first black president.

Martin Luther King birthday brunch features speaker Kenneth B. Morris

The inauguration Barack Obama was preceded by the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther Kings birthday. Kenneth B. Morris, a descendant of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and Tuskegee Institute founder Booker T. Washington, was on campus to speak at the annual MLK brunch. Four of those in attendance also shared their feelings about the Inauguration.

MTSU students travel to Washington to witness history in the making

MTSU students LaEndia Buchanan, Kristen Russell and Kelman Edwards were among those who made the trek to the nations capital. They tell of their experiences at the inauguration.

Faculty member says Black History Month still important to all Americans

Dr. Jaqui Wade from the MTSU department of social work is well known as a multicultural education expert. She shares her thoughts on the significance of Black History month now that Barack Obama has become our president.

MTSU students pause to view Obama inauguration on TV

As 11 am approached on January 20, students gathered in front of TVs in many campus locations to witness the inauguration of Barack Obama. Students Mike Hildebrandt and Christina Carter share their observations on the historic event.

Investment Property Tips

Discussing the benefits of using a Property Management Company to handle your real estate investment.