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MTSU True Blue TV Rap

Produced by Smizzell and Travis

Overall gunman

Matthew Hurtt gives his account of the events that unfolded as police covered all entrances to the Keathley University Center. Hurtt said he used his Twitter account to relay information over the Internet.

Corlew Fight

Eyewitnesses Andrew Thomason and Ashley Williams each give their accounts of the fight outside of Corlew Residence Hall. The fight led to the arrival of campus police and the gunman in the Keathley University Center Monday afternoon.


Students wait around the Keathley University Center knoll to find out when the building will be clear after a man was seen entering the building with a gun at 5:25 pm

John Jones – Realtor in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Real estate personality John Jones latest video blog on

Bangladesh experience gives MTSU student new perspective

As bad as things seem in this country, they pale in comparison to conditions in Bangladesh, a nation of 150 million people and 50 percent unemployment. Last semester Steve Sibley, a business finance major experienced a ten-week internship in Bangladesh.

True Blue TV-Cell Phones

Episode 3 of True Blue TV follows host Steven Mizell as he interviews students on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University about texting, cell phone usage and getting to classes

True Blue TV-Admissions

Episode 2 of True Blue TV with Steven Mizell talking about the admission requirements for attending Middle Tennessee State University.

True Blue TV-Why MTSU

Episode 1 of True Blue TV follows host Steven Mizell as he interviews students on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University about why they chose to attend the school

MTSU center helps small businesses navigate stormy economic seas

Small businesses are often referred to as the backbone of the US economy, and the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, headquartered at MTSU, provides training and information to support that important sector of the economy.

MTSU invites older learners to come back, complete that degree

Dr. Mike Boyle, dean of continuing education and distance learning at MTSU, talks about programs, which make it easier for those who may have dropped out of college, worked a while and who now want to get their degree.

MTSU online courses offer expanded opportunities in tough times

Dr. Dianna Rust, associate dean of continuing education and distance learning, talks about online degrees and distance learning.

MTSU Graduates face a tough job market

Bill Fletcher, director of MTSUs career and employment center, says getting employment after graduation will be tougher, but he offers some suggestions for successful job hunting.

Despite weak economy, MTSU supporters continue giving

As companies and individuals reduce their spending, the amount of giving to charitable organizations, schools and universities has diminished. Joe Bales, vice president of development and university relations talks about the challenge of fundraising in an economic downturn.

MTSU President talks with students about the university budget

Possible budget cuts have caused a case of the jitters at MTSU. President Sidney A. McPhee recently met with students, staff and faculty to talk about the seriousness of the situation.