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Property Management Committee – April 28, 2011


Insurance Committee – April 28, 2011

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Bicycle Safety Tips

What Makes Up Your Credit Score

Murfreesboro real estate agent John Jones gives a quick overview of the information credit reporting companies use to calculate your credit score.

Public Safety Committee – April 25, 2011


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Board of Education – April 21, 2011


Board of Education Work Session – April 20, 2011

Team Concept vs Traditional Brokerage

Comparing Real Estate Brokerage Models: A straight forward explanation of the fundamental difference in the team concept brokerage and the traditional brokerage model in the real estate industry.

Franklin Tn Chiropractor Dr. Gil Franklin Tn Chiropractor Dr. Gil

Board of Education – April 14, 2011

County Commission – April 14, 2011


MTSU Two Minute Drill: QB Logan Kilgore Chip Walters speaks with Blue Raider Logan Kilgore after the Spring Game on his thoughts on Spring Camp. Courtesy of

Board of Zoning Appeals – April 13, 2011


If It Looks Too Good To Be True It Probably Is

Planning Commission – April 11, 2011


Franklin, TN Chiropractor Dr. Gil

Chiropractor Dr. Gil in Franklin TN located at 209 South Royal Oaks Blvd. Dr Gil can be reached at (615) 656-4692

Budget & Finance Committee – April 7, 2011


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