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Evolution Expert Opposes Creationism in Classroom

Physical anthropologist and evolution expert Dr. Eugenie C. Scott held a news conference on the MTSU campus today calling on the Tennessee State legislature to drop bills regarding the allowing of religious and politically motivated statements in public middle- and high-school classrooms. “These bills are a bad idea pedagogically. They’re a bad idea legally,” says Scott, who has been in Murfreesboro and at MTSU today, awaiting tonight’s Scholars Week keynote address titled ‘Controversy over the Teaching of Evolution.’ “The best thing would be for these bills to be withdrawn and forgotten about. But it looks like they are going to pass.” In her comments, Scott is referencing Tennessee HB 368 and SB 893 that, as introduced, “protects a teacher from discipline for teaching scientific subjects in an objective manner.” As of 4:30 pm March 26, no action had been taken on the bills at the state capitol. Scott is executive director of the National Center for Science Education in Oakland, Calif. She has been both a researcher and an activist in the creationism/evolution controversy for more than 25 years.

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